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ASFA is a non-profit educational association, which is run by a staff of volunteers who give generously of their own time and resources. We rely totally on the support of our members and the art community. Donations made to ASFA are tax-deductible so please help us keep this wonderful organization healthy and growing by donating! Donations as small as $5.00 are very welcome and appreciated!

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The ASFA Community Network is our payment gateway now. In order to join ASFA, go to the ASFA Community Network and choose "Sign Up" in the box on the left. A pop-up will guide you through the process.

We still have several Lifetime members who need to get their memberships updated through the ASFA Community Network. Please Email ASFA President for assistance with that.

The 2014 Chesley Awards will be held at Loncon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, London Dockland, UK, from September 14th through 18th. Ceremony times to be announced.

Chesley Awards Process

This year's winners & finalists are now up on our Current Awards Page, along with links to galleries for voting and news purposes.

We now have a daily newspaper

For several months we have been experimenting with a means of providing relevant industry news and content. Based upon our Twitter feed and folks we follow, we are proud to announce the ASFA Art News, a daily e-newspaper for your edification.

As part of our mission to provide educational resources, the ASFA Art News brings you current trending happenings in the field of science fiction and fantasy publishing as well as topics of interest by editors, writers and artists in the field.

The widget to the right will take you to the paper, but don't forget to subscribe while there! Content is updated daily and delivered straight to your in-box. You do not have to be a member to enjoy this service, though we would love to have you onboard.